How to Fix Your Relationship!... Even If Your Partner REFUSES to Change,

WithOUT Couple's Counseling & WithOUT Compromise!

In this Powerful Video Training, 
You Will Discover:

  • How to transform your relationship...even if your partner REFUSES to change!
  • How to reduce the Kerfuffles and increase the HARMONY in your household each day. 
  • How you can get the results that you want...without needing your partner to do any of this training video with you!
  • The ONE thing that you are doing each day that is breaking down your relationships, and you don't even know it. (and how to stop it)
  • How to get your partner on the "same page" with you in your parenting, money, household, work, family...etc.
  • How this breakthrough strategy can work for you, regardless of how far gone you think your relationship is or how hopeless things seem!


  • Get the Relationship Development® downloadable CHART! Our MOST Downloaded relationship tool!
  • This life-changing CHART will show you WHEN your relationship is on the UPWARD spiral (good) vs when it's in the Downward Spiral (bad). 

Relationship Breakthrough Secrets

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Paul & Stacey Martino, Inventors of the Relationship Development® Method & Founders of RelationshipU!
Students in the RelationshipU program have had a 1% Divorce Rate over a 6 year study period of student results. 

After helping people all over the world to save their marriages, Paul and Stacey are sharing their revolutionary Relationship Development® Methodology with you! To give YOU the solutions that you WANT!

While the current divorce rate is 50-70%, and some studies showing that couples counseling has divorce rates as high as 80% ... the students in our RelationshipU program have had a 1% divorce rate over a 6 year study period of their results!

And the best part is... there's NO Couple's Work! None. Your partner does NOT have to do this training in order for you to get the results you want in your marriage and family!

Thousands of Relationship Transformers® around the world have used our proven Relationship Development Method and the tools we invented to bring the love & passion back to their marriage, bring harmony to their households and be the spouse and parent they always wanted to be.

Shouldn't YOU be next?

Paul & Stacey Martino, Founders of Relationship Development

Click the Button to Get INSTANT ACCESS to this FREE training and to Download the Chart!

What Others Are Saying About This Game-Changing Training... 

 Language Warning!

In our content, programs and live events, we use ADULT language (cursing) as a strategic tool. The work that we do is beyond Relationship Education; we create Transformation. 

One of the many methods we use to do that is to use real, raw language in our work. When people "polish up" their language, they "polish up" everything and they don't get to what's real. 

We know how to get results. Our RelatioshipU Program has a 1% Divorce Rate and a 99% Success Rate. We know what we are doing and we know how to get these results repeatedly.

There is cursing in our programs and plenty of cursing and adult language at our live events. (This will never change). We use cursing strategically, and for effect, similarly to how a comedian would use cursing to create an outcome for the audience. Our cursing and adult language is never directed towards a person or group or in any way demeaning towards anyone.

If it triggers you, we invite you to please consider this...Instead of asking the world to change to not trigger you, pull out the trigger so that you are not thrown around by it. No one should go through life having a FEAR OF WORDS.  

But that is absolutely your decision to make. We encourage you to open your mind so that you, too, can get the benefits that so many others around the world already have! As we say "Everyone lives in the results of the decisions that they make. There are no exceptions."

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